Review of Chanel 31 Le Rouge Lipstick: An iconic design with a power formula

Luxury beauty must have Chanel 31 Le Rouge Lipstick

by juliacomil
Chanel Le 31 lipstick review Rouge premier

Review of the Chanel 31 Le Rouge Lipstick: The perfect affordable luxury product to gift to others or to yourself. This beauty gem elevates your style and pays homage to the legendary fashion icon Gabrielle Chanel’s iconic Parisian apartment, 31 rue Cambon.

Luxury beauty must have Chanel 31 Le Rouge Lipstick julia comil french influencer

Review of Chanel 31 Le Rouge Lipstick

I have partnered with Chanel Beauty and We Love Coco for the last few years, and I love the products I receive. This lipstick is, of course, no exception. I received this product for free with no strings attached. You will find below my honest opinion.

When art meets beauty

I wanted to review this product as the lip case is by far my favorite lipstick packaging ever: a beauty jewel. Inspired by the art deco staircase that graced Chanel’s legendary apartment, the Chanel 31 Le Rouge lipstick comes encased in a glass lip case that echoes the architectural grace of the historic Parisian location. As you hold the sleek design in your hands, you can almost feel the echoes of fashion history resonating through its carefully crafted contours.

A lipstick that doubles as a lip care.

Beyond its stunning exterior, the Chanel 31 Le Rouge lipstick boasts an equally impressive formulation. This lipstick is more than just a cosmetic; it’s a lip care essential. Infused with hydrating gardenia oil, it pampers your lips, leaving them not only beautifully colored but also luxuriously moisturized. The lipstick effortlessly glides on, offering a silky texture that stays true to the high standards we’ve come to expect from Chanel.

12 shades

Regarding the shades, Chanel is currently offering 12 iconic shades. My current favorites are Rouge Premier (the iconic rouge) and rouge flou and rouge croisiere. The hue featured in these pictures is Rouge Premier.

Review Chanel 31 Le Rouge Lipstick

Refillable, the sustainable luxury

Another feature that sets this lipstick apart is its commitment to sustainable luxury. The refillable case encourages a conscious approach to beauty. This initiative reduces waste and allows you to enjoy your favorite shade while making a positive impact on the planet.

Review of Chanel 31 Le Rouge Lipstick: the new luxury beauty must-have

A new beauty Must-have

Every swipe of this lipstick is a journey into luxury, a homage to Gabrielle Chanel’s legacy and unwavering commitment to elegance. The captivating red shades available in the collection are a testament to the brand’s dedication to creating timeless beauty products that transcend trends and stand the test of time. Launched during the last quarter of 2023, the Chanel 31 Le Rouge lipstick is, for me, the latest luxury beauty must-have.

Date night outfit: Julia Comil wearing Tiffany & Co graduate link necklace and earrings, corset belt by Dehanche, Black bustier dress, make up we love coco chanel beauty. Shot at Aria Hotel resort and spa in Las Vegas

Outfit details: Black Bustier Dress Bec + Bridge styled with a black leather corset belt from Dehanche. Jewelry Tiffany & Co silver Hardware graduate link necklace and earrings. Make up: We Love Coco Chanel Beauty



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