The Ballerina Shoe Revival – which one to choose for a modern touch

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Shoe trend 2024 ballet flats julia comil

The early 2000s saw the rise of many iconic fashion trends, and one of the most beloved was the ballerina flat. Comfortable, chic, and versatile, these shoes quickly became a staple in every fashion-forward individual’s wardrobe.

Fast forward to 2024, and the ballerina flat is making a stylish comeback, championed by trendsetters who are redefining its classic appeal with contemporary twists. In Paris, the ballerina flats never left the closet and were still an everyday wardrobe staple. The hand-made Repetto ballerina flats have always been a Parisian girl’s favorite choice.

Alaia Ballerina Mesh Flat: A Modern Elegance

However, 2024 is the rise of an edgier version. The Alaia’s Ballerina Mesh Flat is at the forefront of this revival, in 2023, these flats captured the hearts of fashion enthusiasts with its elegant design and modern aesthetics. The delicate mesh detailing adds a touch of elegance and ensures breathability, making it ideal for casual outings and more formal events.

Julia Comil Ballerinas bally studded ballyrina

Studded Square Toe Ballerina by Bally: Bold and Edgy

The Studded Square Toe Ballerina by Bally is the perfect choice for those who prefer a bolder statement. Bally has infused the timeless ballerina flat with an edgy twist, featuring a square-toe design adorned with studs. This combination of classic and modern elements creates a unique, eye-catching shoe that stands out in any ensemble. The studs add a touch of rebellion and sophistication, making these flats a versatile addition to any wardrobe. Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or adding flair to a daytime look, Bally’s studded ballerinas are a trendsetter’s dream. See a selection here.

Julia Comil Ballerinas bally studded ballyrina ballet flat shoe trend 2024

Julia Comil wearing Bally studded Ballyrina, Cos leather wrap top, black skirt by CO.

Fendi Ballerina: Luxurious Craftsmanship

The Italian label, Fendi, known for its luxurious craftsmanship, brings its unique flair to the ballerina flat trend with its latest designs. Fendi ballerinas are characterized by their impeccable attention to detail, premium materials, and distinctive branding. These flats exude luxury and sophistication, making them a favorite among fashion aficionados. The versatile design of Fendi ballet flats allows them to seamlessly transition from day to night, making them an essential piece for any style-conscious individual.

Julia Comil Fendi Filo ballerina ballet flat shoe trend 2024 white coat mackage fendi origami bag

The Ballet Flats: A must-have easy to style

Paired with anything from jeans to dresses, the ballerina flat is a must-have for those looking to embrace the trend with a contemporary edge.

The return of the ballerina flat is a nostalgic nod to the early 2000s, yet the latest iterations offer a fresh and modern take on this beloved shoe. With brands like Alaia, Bally, and Fendi leading the charge, the ballerina flat is more versatile and stylish than ever before.

Wih the revival of the capri pants, the midi skirt, the quiet luxury trend and the Y2K fashion, it will be a perfect wardrobe companion.

Julia Comil Fendi Filo ballerina ballet flat

Julia Comil wearing Fendi Filo Flats and Fendi Origami bag, Mackage coat, COS sunglasses.

The Ballet Flats: A Nostalgic Yet Modern Trend

As trendsetters continue to embrace and showcase these stylish flats, it’s clear that the ballerina shoe revival is here to stay. So, dust off your ballet flats or invest in these modern iterations, and step into the season with one of the most timeless and trendy shoes of the year.


Luxury ballet flats with a modern edge

Ballerina flats – Affordable picks



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