Summer Clean Beauty Edit: A few practical tips to be more sustainable at a consumer Level

by juliacomil
Bromelia Swimwear sustainable ethical swimswear fair wages spf 50 fabric

Summer Clean Beauty Tips. The #Nationalcleanbeautyday (on July 15th) celebrates the movement toward the change of using high efficacy natural, organic, and plant-based ingredients and avoiding the use of potentially harmful chemicals in beauty products. This year, an additional focus to this day will also be to consume from brands that are also ethical at a human level.

Osea Malibu clean beauty scrub natural scrub sustainable summer beach

A few tips to be more sustainable with our beauty products

clean beauty spf mineral spf reef safe sunscreen ocean safe spf beauty counter

Clean beauty goes beyond the self-care aspect. It also is a more sustainable approach that aims to reduce the use of harmful chemicals for human being and the planet.

  • When using a body scrub: consider using a natural/plant-based scrub as many scrubs contain plastic microbeads that are directly released in waterways.
  • When applying sunscreen at the beach, consider using a mineral sunscreen with non-nano-zinc to protect the ocean and coral reef.
  • During summer, protecting your skin is not enough. Summer sun, heat, chlorine, and brittle air will dry out your skin. It is essential to soothe your skin and lock-down the moisture after a sun or beach exposition using a body oil or lotion. I usually prefer to use a body oil because there are amazing clean alternatives.


Summer clean beauty products

Osea Malibu clean beauty scrub natural scrub sustainable summer beach

When shopping for clean beauty products, I always look for high efficiency, non- harmful ingredients, ethical manufacturing conditions, pleasant smells, and nice texture. Here below what I use on repeat:

  • Body scrub. My current favorites are the Osea Malibu Undaria Body Scrub and the Omorovizca Gold Sugar scrub.
  • Mineral sunscreen with non-nano zinc: Beauty Counter mineral sunscreen SPF 30 is reef safe SPF and ocean-friendly and is suitable for sensitive skin. It is important to reapply it every two hours to be protected.
  • Body oil: I always look for an oil that moisturizes and also firm the skin. I have on rotation the Osea Malibu undaria algae body oil and the Omorovizca firming oil on rotation in my bathroom. for an instant rush of antioxidant hydration.


Summer Clean Beauty: Shop the edit

Bromelia Swimwear sustainable ethical swimswear fair wages spf 50 fabric

The swimsuit, I am wearing, is made from an SPF 50 fabric and is flattering and really comfortable. The label is Bromelia Swimwear which ethically produces swimsuits and gives back to women communities. This brand empowers women artists, black, Latina, trans, and the LGBTQ community in Brazil through fair wages & respect for their craft. Sustainability also encompasses the human level.


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Rachel May 26, 2022 - 14 h 29 min

These clean beauty tips are so helpful. I always prefer organic stuff. The use of chemicals in most of the products are injurious to our skin, so I always look for skin friendly products. Thank you for the guidance. I am thinking to buy this Omorovizca gold scrub!


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